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2012 - 2018 

Project: Casa Madri

Location: Yucatan Country Club, Merida Yucatan Mexico

Type: Residential / Single Family Home



Project: Architecture & Design

Location:  Merida  Yucatan ,Mexico

Located in Mérida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán. The two-storey residence was built on an irregularly shaped, corner property within a gated community.     

"The sense of openness and minimalism achieved in this home seems to result from a cross-cultural synthesis of Japanese simplicity, European theoretical analysis and Mexican regionalism paired with a deep understanding of a unique client.  

The house consists of concrete forms that wrap a private courtyard,  But Casa Madri departs from the typical courtyard house because large sections of the dwelling are lifted above the site, allowing fresh air to circulate through the interior.

Encompassing 557 square meters, the home contains public areas on the ground level and bedrooms up above.   There is no front door – a decision influenced by the "freedom of movement characteristic of the client's lifestyle".

Exterior walls are made of concrete mixed with tree sap, a material known as chukum. The Mayans first developed the material by combining limestone-based stucco with resin from indigenous chukum trees. Chukum is known for being highly water resistant – an important consideration in a tropical climate with heavy rainfall.

Wooden screens were incorporated into the facades to control the amount of sunlight entering the home. The screens help keep interior spaces shaded and cool, in turn reducing the need for air conditioning. 


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