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Our Studio

Christian Magaldi is the founder of (Magaldi Studio). He has over 25 years of experience in architectural, interior and product design. With projects in Mexico, Europe and the USA. 

His Design journey began in Mexico City where he became a licensed and registered architect. Soon it expanded to Spain where he pursued post graduate and international experience. 


Magaldi Studio has been based in Miami FL. since 2010, provides design services across the full spectrum of architecture, interiors, identity, graphics and products.
Our multi-disciplinary structure, with teams from different disciplines working in the same environment, promotes a culture of interchange that adds tremendous value to all creative thinking.


The practice has also embraced the environmental revolution. All projects begin with sustainable objective. Interacting with several specialists in environmental design make the objective a reality.


"Estamos convencidos en que la persona es mejor ser humano cuando esta rodeada de un elemento creativo, desde un objeto hasta un habitáculo cualquiera.  De nuestra parte siempre estará presente el gusto por desarrollar cualquier tipo de diseño como propuesta para platicar con el intelecto"

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