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2012 - 2018 

Project: Single Family Home
Location: Valle de Bravo, Edo de Mexico
Type: Residential 1400 sq mts



Located in a gated community with a tight construction code, we were asked to design a house in Hermosillo, Sonora, a northwestern state in Mexico. Hermosillo is well known to have a hot desert climate, with temperatures reaching 50° C (or 120°Farenheit) during summer, making it one of the hottest cities in the country. 


We worked under community’s construction code:   inclined roof,  20ft set-back  in the front and back the lot and a 4 ft setback on one of the sides with a designated area for a garage among other restrictions. 


We decided to make something more sustainable that would allow the homeowner to be easily entertained inside with interior happenings - rather than just having a fantastic exposed volume.


The client’s requirements were simple:  it needed to have double height;  a kitchen next to the back yard; and a covered terrace with an outdoor kitchen, dining and living rooms.


For the ground floor we placed a monolith volume with 12" width exterior wall, treated with an insulated layer and concrete. On the second floor, we placed a large umbrella for a ceiling, to give shadow and darkness to the private area.


Project: Architecture & Interior Design 

Location: Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico 

We decided to play with textures and light going through the house - to keep it fresh in the most natural way  - so we decided to use burned wood shutters as blinds and let the light do the rest.


We started the construction documents early 2020. As we know, we all suffer the quarantine regarding a recent pandemic, so why don’t give the house a stage where you can see all seasons go by. We designed an inner garden that runs along all the house. This allows the owner to have the outside view to the existing park from the back yard, but also a beautiful landscape inside the house.


It’s a place to be, to admire, to contemplate, and to do some interventions throughout the seasons or in special occasions. During summer you can flood the area and cool  water, so the air can flow and refresh the ambient naturally. While in winter, you can dry it and have a desert garden which can help you meditate and be present.


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