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2012 with 4 Locations
Aventura Mall, Doral, Bonita Springs Fl, Destin Fl

Project: Architecture / Interior Design / Branding

Location: Miami Fl

Back in 2012, we were commissioned to create a new concept for an Italian - American restaurant in Doral District Miami fl, We were involved in the Exterior Identity, Interior design, branding and naming.  As a result we thought in Divieto – Italian for "prohibition" –  that 1920's New York was a good idea, with a decor and vibe that take you back to the thrilling years of flappers, Italian mobsters, and Prohibition that saw the cultural fusion that gave way to the second most loved cuisine in America.

As a result we have a casual dining experience with the quality and service you expect from a fine dining venue with a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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La Dorada_Vista Exterior.jpg


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