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2012 - 2018 

Project : Ephimeral Philips Showroom New Collection
Location: Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City
Type: Ephimeral


2012 In collaboration with El Cielo  Armando Hashimoto /  Sureya Segu

Project: Ephimeral Architecture / Product Design

Location: Mexico City 2005

House of Simplicity - For the product launching event, six up and coming architects were invited to participate. Our proposal for exhibiting the two articles (an alarm clock and a high tech ironing and pressing board) was based on trying to portray an infinite and timeless space by using lighting effects and reflecting mirrors. The entrance wall was designed by placing gold colored Christmas decoration balls which give a distorted vision and then on arriving to the actual exhibition space a moon like surface was prepared with craters where the products were placed and by using mirrors on the walls and lighting controlled by dimmers, a complete environment was produced.

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